Control system upgrade of locomotives

Tried and tested in the African environment utilising Siemens PLC hardware platforms industrialised locomotive control system carries out the following scalable control:-

  • Excitation Control – Definable Rate of Change
  • Wheel-Slip Control – Definable allowed Current and Voltage deviation
  • Reverser Control – Speed, Current and Voltage limits for Anti-Plugging
  • Multiple locomotive and Lead-Trail Capability –
  • Slow-Speed Control – Adjustable in 0.01 km/h increments
  • E-Stop Procedure – Brakes on, Excitation Cut-Back, Penalty time definable
  • Vigilance Controller – Warn Light, Warn Buzzer, Penalty. Definable Penalty Time
  • Traction Motor Over-Current Protection, Traction Motor Over-Voltage Protection and Over-Speed Protection
  • 4-Stage Traction Motor algorithm -Traction Motor model definable
  • Data Logging and remote connectivity
  • Integrates with Brake System