Asset Management

Managing a fleet of locomotives and rolling stock across long distances requires knowledge. Having the information at your fingertips allows an operator to extract maximum performance from the asset as well as managing driver behaviour and maintenance costs. Evorail provide the following Asset Management functions:

  • Real time monitoring
  • Performance and availability reports
  • Driver management
  • Web Based
  • Accident investigations
  • Maintenance management

Diesel Locomotive

Performance Management Integrated software System

Data Inputs / Collection

  • Time based Control / Locomotive system output
  • Time based GPS
  • Track monitoring “Shockwatch” device output
  • C-Track Video feed/store time stamped
  • Time based Tractive Effort Coupler data signals
  • Data format CSV files 500ms sample rate

Required Outputs

  • Time based simulation of performance
  • Statistical analysis of series data
  • Average , mean etc
  • Calculated performances
  • Energy consumption and conversion Kj
  • Rates per ton km
  • Wheelslip
  • Exception triggers
  • Driver behaviour

Control System Data

  • Main Generator Control
  • Traction Control
  • Field Shunting Control
  • Advanced Wheel Slip/Creep Control
  • Traction Motor Management
  • Motoring & Dynamic Braking Control
  • Speed Indicator Drive
  • Automatic Sanding Control
  • Vigilance System
  • Slow Speed Control
  • Idle Limiting Control
  • CAN BUS Communications
  • Engine Governor Control
  • Radiator Shutter & Cooling Fan Control
  • Air Compressor Control
  • Automatic Ground Relay Control
  • Battery Charging Regulation
  • Contactor & Relay Control
  • Traction Motor Cutout Control
  • Operator Interface Display
  • Load Meter Control
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • GPS – Wireless System

GPS Profile Integration

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